Artist Bio

Born in London, 1972
BA (Hons) in Fine Art Kingston University
Artist Statement
My work is research based with a particular interest in Folklore, Witches and the Occult including stories linked to my own Romani Romanian heritage. The main theme explored within the work is the idea of “The Other”, the outsider. In shamanic traditions, the Other sometimes takes the physical form of a person who is dreamt up and feared by a community to represent their own unacknowledged fears and darkness that lies within themselves and humanity as a whole.
The archetype of the witch represents an elemental force that embodies the power of nature. Common ideology presents the witch as a ‘Diabolical Woman’ who conspires with the uncontrollable, wild forces of nature.  I am interested in how she has moved from being a political tool, used by state and church to oppress or dismiss women, to becoming a modern day feminist icon and symbol of female empowerment.
 My art practice is an interruption of traditional witchcraft practices and iconic images translated into contemporary art forms such as performance, video, photography as well as subversive textiles and papercutting. 

More information about specific projects can be found on my Artist Projects Page.



2019 – Awardee of The Ganes Trust grant for emerging artists.

2919 – ‘B-Wing‘ – Co-curator & contributing artist of group exhibition/event at Shepton Mallet Prison. Supported by ‘Lottery Funding from Arts Council England’.

2019 – ‘Mothership’ Artist Residency, Dorest.

2019 – ‘Love is Blind’City of Secrets exhibition, Liberty House, Bristol

2018 – ‘Witch Ghost Hunt’ project- Nunny Castle, Nunny Somerset.

2018 – ‘Hare Woman (Julian Cox)’Made In Bruton/Ape and Eden Art and Book Launch in collaboration with author and historian Andrew Pickering.

2018 – ‘Fetus Totem (Green)‘ – Bruton Art Society Exhibition 65th Annual show Bruton, Somerset.

2018 – ‘Fetus Totem’ – Arts Open Exhibition, Town Hall Arts Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

2018 – ‘Creative Pathways Bursary‘ – SAW (Somerset Art Works)

2018 – ‘Domestic Bliss’ – HONESTY SHOP part of the ‘The Land We Live – The Land We Left Behind’     Exhibition – Hauser and Wirth Gallery, Somerset.

2017 – ‘Connection‘ – The Brooklyn Art Library’s SKETCH BOOK 2018 project.

2017 – ‘The Digital Flower Garden‘ – Bath 2017 Digital Art Festival.

2017 – ‘The Finality Of Your Decision’ – Summer Exhibition, Bruton Art Factory, Somerset.


2007 – One Year Artist residency – Those People Productions, Cardiff, South Wales.

2005 – ‘Penny Collectors‘ short film script award production grant by Welsh Film Council.

2004 – Work featured in AN Magazine

2003 – ‘Mother‘ – Chapter Gallery, ‘Experimentica’ exhibition, Cardiff, South Wales.

2002 – ‘Home Town‘ – chosen by the British Arts Council to represents emerging British Artist in Milan, Italy.

2002 – ‘Home Town‘ – Gallery 39, Cardiff, South Wales.

2001 – ‘Noble Offerings‘ Book Art piece became part of the permanent collection at Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

2000 – Curator and exhibiting artist – Domestic Gallery “Here & There” exhibition, London.

2000 – Three months residency at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy