Artist Development Programme


Somerset Art Works’ Artist Development Programme supports artists both financially, and through mentoring to develop new ways of working in their practice.  Through this programme, I developed the ‘Freedom Learning Project’.


Freedom Learning has many other names:- Unschooling, Free Range Learning, Autonomous Learning, but all adhere to the educational philosophy that human beings learn best from the world around them.

As well as a practising artist, I am a mother of two children. We have been a home educating family for thirteen years using a Freedom Learning approach. With the encouragement of Zoe Li of Somerset Art Works, I created a downloadable booklet of invitations for families to create and learn through the natural world. I used the word Invitations rather than Tasks or Activities as these two words often fill us with dread and can make learning feel like a chore for children.

Through daily walks and explorations into the landscape around them, I invited families to deepen their connection with nature in ways that may be unfamiliar. I also invited families to experience the healing and relaxing elements of working with Plants. To understand the power and creativity of Plant Medicine as a path to learning and healing.