Virtual ‘Happenings’

Curated by Luminara

Contributing artists and creatives:

James Aldridge, Victoria Bone, Georgie Florence, Luminara Star Florescu, Carrie Grainger, Angel Greenham, Lucy Large, Olive Leaff, Alyson Minkley, Tim Neath, James Thornton, Peter Ward, Dave Webb, Theo Wood

Individually and collectively,

we are on a journey from a story of Separation

to a new yet ancient story of

Reunion: ecology, interdependency, interbeing.”

– Charles Eisenstein

In a world where people seem so polarised by their politics and beliefs, we could easily be led into believing the hate and harm spread across our media platforms is all there is. That humanity is lost and beyond the point of return. Yet, there is hope, there always has been and always will be. As human beings, we need each other. From the day we are born we yearn for a true and authentic connection with others, to be heard fully, to be seen fully and to be appreciated. There is a native American saying, “You are supposed to wake up every morning with twenty pairs of eyes looking at you, waiting for you to tell them your dreams, this is every human beings birthright”.  Of course, it would be rather disturbing to wake and find twenty people in your bedroom looking at you, but I understand this is a reflection of our desire for connection with others and with ourselves.

Big gestures of street protests, rebellion, ego warriors and activists are all needed and valid in effecting change, but there is another, more quieter fire than is always burning and calls to us in subtler ways. This quiet fire burns in a mother’s restless night as she keeps vigil over her sick child, as a father reaches out to take the hand of his daughter as they cross the road, even though she is now a mother herself.  The simple touch of a friend’s hand on the shoulder of another in comfort. In the ritual of domestic work, a shared meal, a lift to the train station, a moments pause to smile and thank the checkout worker.

What we observe to be happening in the world says as much about ourselves as it does about the world. It reveals what we think is important, significant, valuable, and sacred, and what is irrelevant or useless too. Put another way, what we see reveals how we see.” Charles Eisenstein

‘Happenings’ brings all this together, it acts as a forum, a held space, a sacred circle for the human story of connection working with the phase Natural Justice.

– Luminara Star Florescu

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